BIPEC has released its Legislator “Business & Jobs” Report Card for the 2019 legislative session. The BIPEC Report Card recognizes “Business & Jobs Champions” for their work supporting economic growth, job development, and business-related issues for the legislative session. This year’s Report Card is also a special election-year edition that includes each legislator’s 4-Year grade average for the legislative term.

View the Senate scores

Some Senators scoring high A’s in both categories include: Sen. Kevin Blackwell, Sen. Jennifer Branning, Sen. Josh Harkins, Sen. Sally Doty and many others. While those that scored in the lowest were: Sen. Angela Turner-Ford, Sen. Barbara Blackmon, Sen. Sollie Norwood, and Sen. Hillman Frazier.

View the House scores

Some Representatives scoring high A’s include: Rep. Shane Aguirre, Rep. Mark Baker, Rep. Charles Busby, Rep. Robert Foster and many others. Those who scored in the F range on both categories include: Rep. Bryant Clark, Rep. Alyce G. Clarke, Rep. Kathy Sykes and Rep. Sonya Williams Barnes.

We will be mailing a printed version of the report card to all BIPEC members in the coming days. If you would like additional copies of the report card, please let us know.

At you can view the interactive version of the report card. Click the heading links to switch between Representatives and Senators. The report card is sortable by grade, legislator name, party, and district. You can hover over the bill names to see a description of each bill. When you click on a legislator’s name, you will see a list of bills with links to the bill and to the individual votes recorded at the Mississippi Legislative Website.

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