Lt. Governor Tate Reeves released a new television ad in the Mississippi governor’s race. This ad, titled “In God We Trust” will run across the state. The ad references the on-going battle between the state of Mississippi and the out-of-state group of atheists that have threatened legal action against the state’s license plate. Tate Reeves has been a champion of religious freedom as Lieutenant Governor and promised that he will defend Mississippi’s values as governor.

Mississippi has a brand new license plate, but the out-of-state liberals hate it. It’s because of these four words: “In God We Trust.” The liberals from California and Washington are threatening to take Mississippi to court, just because of this license plate. I’m Tate Reeves. I know Mississippi’s values are Mississippi’s strength. Our next governor must defend our values every single day.

Narrator: The strong conservative in the race for Governor is Tate Reeves.

Tate Reeves Campaign Press Release