Senior Advisor for Americans For Prosperity Action, Trey Dellinger, sat down with Y’all Politics to discuss endorsements of this state House and Senate members this cycle.

“Our key issues are really centered around finding ways to remove barriers from peoples lives so that everybody can have shot at the American dream,” said Dellinger. “We believe the best way to do that is by giving them more freedom. More freedom in education, more freedom in the criminal justice system, and more freedom from excessive taxation and government spending.”

According to Dellinger, AFP Action looks at three different categories when determining their endorsements.

  1. Leaders who vote consistently in favor of more freedom, or smaller government

In the first category, this years endorsements go to Joel Bomgar (HD 58), Dan Eubanks (HD 25) and Steve Hopkins (HD 7).

“These guys walk the walk. If you look at their voting record they do what they say they’re going to do,” said Dellinger. He said that was the primary reason that they were endorsed by AFP Action this year.

2. Candidates who have an ability to build broad based coalitions to advance lasting policy change to remove barriers in peoples lives.

Candidates chosen in this category include, Jason White (HD 48) and Juan Barnett (SD 34).

White was the author and House sponsor of HB 1352, the Criminal Justice Reform Act that allows individuals who have paid their debt to society and then get back into society and obtain a job and contribute to their communities.

He was also a defender of HB 623, that removes red tape from school districts in order for each school to customize their curriculum based on the student needs.

“On the Senate side, Juan Barnett was somebody who really had the ability to reach across the isle and build broad based policy coalitions,” said Dellinger. He said Barnett played a critical role in the passage of HB 1352 in the Senate. He was able to help save that bill while it was in an uncertain place during committee.

Dellinger said while Barnett might not agree with AFP Action on every issue, he is one who can make relationships and action happen across the isle.

3.  The “Open Seat Candidate.”

For this category, they identified Jeremy England, who is running in SD 51, which is Michael Watson’s old seat.

England is an accomplished attorney in Jackson County who has been active in his community, working and advocating for smaller government, less regulations and lower taxes.

“Based on that record of activism in the community Jeremy is someone we thought deserved AFP Action’s endorsement,” said Dellinger.

Dellinger said when looking at endorsements by AFP Action, voters can trust that these candidates will vote to ensure more opportunity and less regulations in their communities.

AFP Action is a separate entity from AFP Mississippi.