Today, Bill Waller told a local blog that he will not be making an endorsement in the Gubernatorial election that he was previously running in. He has made clear he will be staying out of the General Election.

“It is certainly disappointing for anyone who claims to be a Republican not to have the ability to overcome the trials of a political campaign and endorse the Republican nominee selected by the voters.”  said Governor Phil Bryant.  

Bryant’s comment touches on an undertone that has come up repeatedly throughout the campaign cycle, what is a “true Republican?” Waller’s GOP values were questioned throughout the race after Y’all Politics reported that the Republican candidate had voted as a Democrat in the three primaries preceding the 2019 gubernatorial primary.

Waller ran as a Republican against Tate Reeves and Robert Foster. He and Reeves entered into a runoff after the Primary in early August. Foster, who was no longer in the race, threw his support behind Waller leading up to the runoff election, but since fell in behind Reeves, the Republican nominee after Reeves clinched the runoff.

Another Waller supporter, former GOP Chairman Jim Herring disagreed with Waller’s stance saying “I personally endorse Tate, our Republican nominee, in this race against Jim Hood as well as the Republican ticket in the November general elections.”

Current Mississippi GOP Chairman, Lucien Smith, chimed in as well, “There will be only one conservative on the November ballot—Tate Reeves. Justice Waller made it clear he believes we must have a Republican governor and I am confident he feels the same way now and expect that, as a man of his word, he will vote Tate Reeves.”

Reeves faces Democrat Jim Hood on the General election ballot.