RGA: Radical liberal Stacey Abrams working to elect… Jim Hood

Finally admitting (but still not conceding) that she is not, in fact, the current governor of Georgia, left-wing activist Stacey Abrams has shifted gears and announced she is working to elect like-minded liberals in the Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi governor’s races. Launching her new group “Fair Fight 2020,” Abrams made it clear that organization’s first order of business is supporting Democrats Andy Beshear, John Bel Edwards, and Jim Hood.

As reported by The Washington Times¸ at a launch event for the group in August, Abrams stated, “We know that there are statewide races happening this year in Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana, so we’re there.”…

…Democrats in the states are embracing Abrams’ assistance. The Louisiana Democratic Party stated that they are “grateful for the assistance from Fair Fight,” and the Mississippi Democratic Party said that they “look forward” to Abrams’ organization being in the state, adding that “need all the help [they] can get” on Jim Hood’s behalf. 

DAILY JOURNAL – AP Analysis: Reeves, Hood have played different budget roles

Analysis: Reeves, Hood have played different budget rolesAs lieutenant governor, Reeves has kept tight control of the Senate’s part of the budget process. It’s a habit that supporters see as an admirable way to limit spending and critics see as a heavy-handed method of Reeves getting exactly what Reeves wants.

During final budget negotiations of the 2019 session, for example, Reeves and other Senate leaders got $2 million for a program that covers some of the cost for children with special needs to attend private schools. Some House Democrats balked, but the $2 million remained in place.

Hood has been attorney general for 16 years, and that office is part of the executive branch of government. The power of budget writing belongs to the legislative branch, which means the attorney general can make recommendations about spending, but legislators are under no obligation to accept them. That aspect of being attorney general, incidentally, is good preparation for being governor: Mississippi lawmakers have a long history of ignoring governors’ budget recommendations, regardless of party.

Hood releases new ad for Governor


WDAM – Palazzo endorses Delbert Hosemann for Lt. Governor

Palazzo endorses Delbert Hosemann for Lt. GovernorRepublican Rep. Steven Palazzo endorsed Delbert Hosemann for Mississippi Lieutenant Governor on Friday.

Palazzo cited Hosemann’s “strong business sense, fiscal conservatism and support for law enforcement.”…

…“In Mississippi, we have so much potential, and we’re heading in the right direction. We don’t need to go another way. We need leaders who in their heart, mind, and soul, want to make Mississippi a better place for future generations,” Palazzo said. “Living within our means, growing our revenues, fostering an economy where our young people will stay in our State, and improving our educational systems—Delbert Hosemann is an easy choice for Lieutenant Governor because these are his goals and he has a record of getting things done.”

WTVA – Former Navy Secretary Mabus backs Harris for President

A former Navy secretary who previously served as Mississippi governor is endorsing Democrat Kamala Harris for president.

Ray Mabus said in a news release Friday that Harris is “fully prepared to be our next commander-in-chief.”…

…The news release said Mabus will advise the Harris campaign on issues including national security and military policy.

DAILY JOURNAL – Third party, independent candidates look beyond two party dominance

mcj-2019-01-23-news-internet-bill-legislationFor Mississippi House of Representatives District 37 candidate Vicky Rose, joining the Libertarian Party came from her own apathy with the political system. After working with the GOP for several years, she felt party elites selected the winners and did not listen to what the people wanted.

Rose said that as a third party candidate, she doesn’t have to worry about party leadership holding her back and can do the work of the people rather than the work of the party. However, she admits overcoming the two-party system is a challenge.

“I have been a part of the Libertarian Party for about four years now and I do realize that it is harder to win as a third party candidate, especially in the Southeast where a lot of people are stuck in the mindset of Republican or Democrat,” Rose said.

Current District 16 Representative Steve Holland expressed distaste for the “scorched earth politics of both parties.” Holland has been a representative since 1983 as a Democrat, but on March 1 he switched his party affiliation to independent. Holland said he only plans to serve four more years and wanted to serve his last term as an independent to continue a 36-year-record of being a “consensus man.”

Bryant honored at MSU-USM game


MBJ – Bill Crawford: What issues will matter most to voters in November?

Republican nominee Tate Reeves wants to convince voters that his opponent is a tax and spend, anti-Trump liberal. Democratic nominee Jim Hood wants to convince voters that his opponent is a self-serving politician who cares more about corporate cronies than average Mississippians.

It’s going to be that kind of race, with lots of money spent trying to convince voters what’s wrong with the other guy.

But are these negative issues the ones that matter most?

As Sid Salter pointed out, Reeves successfully framed Bill Waller as “too liberal” to take him down in the Republican primary runoff. Salter expects Reeves to “double down” on that same theme against Hood.

DAILY JOURNAL – Sen. Roger Wicker: Strengthening America’s workforce, economic growth

Roger WickerGetting more able-bodied Americans to work will build on the economic progress we have already made. It will also allow more of our fellow citizens to support themselves, their families, and their communities.

A good job is about more than a paycheck. Honoring the contributions of each and every worker, regardless of station or background, is a truly American thing to do. With better policies and a stronger private sector, there will be more to celebrate in years to come.

WLOX – Rep. Steven Palazzo Interview

Rep. Steven Palazzo Interview - Part 2

Click here to watch Part 1 of the interview on the Bonnet Carre Spillway, and then click here for Part 2 on gun control.

YP – FY 2020 revenues still above estimates


Wicker awarded ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ honor


WLBT – A change to proposed regulations filed for plant-based food products in Mississippi

A change to proposed regulations filed for plant-based food products in Mississippi

The original concern of makers of plant-based foods was that they wouldn’t be able to use terms like “meatless meatballs” or “veggie burger”. Agriculture commissioner Andy Gipson says there was always a misunderstanding of the intent.

“Nobody’s ever tried to outlaw veggie burgers,” explained Gipson. “They were just spewing a bunch of hogwash.”

The newly proposed regulations delete the section that said those products couldn’t be labeled with a word or phrase that’s “customarily associated” with meat or a meat food product. Mississippi Justice Institute Director Aaron Rice says their client is pleased with that change.